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Shingle Profile

Shingles Profile

Shingles are one of the most preferred roofing materials worldwide. You can get the appeal of shingles without the drawbacks of using shingles by installing our Korean roofing tiles with a shingle profile. This profile adds a modern, sophisticated touch to your structure. A century ago shingles were the most used widely used roofing material. Our shingle profile brings to you the aesthetics of shingles with all the benefits and extra value.

We have recreated the shingle appearance using state of the art technology to ensure ease of installation, strength and durability. The shingle profile is available either as a single color or as patterns for those homeowners that want a roof with solidarity and character. You can choose patterns of natural earth colors that will complement your architectural design whether traditional or modern.

The vertical ridge textured finish on our shingle profile adds depth to your roof making it stand out from others in the competition. If you are really worried about the appearance of your roof or how you can add some pomp and texture to the roof then consider installing the shingle profile.

Our shingle profile is light yet strong and attractive due to the steel core and the volcanic Italian stone chips. If you want to pump life into your project whether you are building a new house or replacing an existing one consider installing the shingle profile. Contact us today for a quote and enjoy the benefits of Korean stone coated roofing tiles in the shingle profile.