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Shake Profile

shakes Profile

The classic wooden shake roofing material has been used for centuries. Our shake profile is the ultimate modern representation of the classic hand crafted wooden shake. Wooden shakes are ideal for use on historical homes or on modern houses with a traditional architectural façade. Our shake profile is made to perfection with ridges and texture that accurately mimics the appearance of a wooden shake. That takes care of the aesthetics and the feel you are looking to achieve.

Unlike wooden shakes that spread fire and rot, our modern shake profile is fire resistant, lightweight, resistant to weather elements and highly durable. There is not maintenance required on the shake profile since it is well stone coated and made using state of the art manufacturing process.

Our shake profile allows you to enjoy the look of traditional wooden shake on your roof with the enhanced benefits of modern construction materials. Our shake profile is a popular replacement option for traditional home owners and commercial buildings that want to maintain an old-fashioned appeal.

We take pride in having the most intricate wood shake design in the market guaranteed to make your home stand out from the rest. Our shake profile has a unique interlocking structure that ensures a watertight roof without any leakages.

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