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Milano Profile

Milano Profile

Our Milano Profile is inspired by traditional roman tile design. It features barrels and smooth curves that ensure a flawless and seamless elegance on your roof. The Milano profile is suitable for any homeowner that wants a roof that makes a bold statement and stands out from the rest. You have built your house to stand tall in the future decades and with the Milano profile you can be sure your house stands out.

Our Milano profile is available in a wide range of colors both in natural earth tones and bright lively hues that add life to your home. Your builders will enjoy working with the soft curves of this profile while when fully installed you will see your roof take on a smooth and clean finish. If attaining elegance is your game, then our Milano profile is the name.

If you have a steeply pitched roof and are wondering what would make the best statement on it, the Milano profile will do wonders. The smooth curves add a lot of flow and depth to your roof. When the sun shines at an angle the reflections on the roof are something to adore.

Our Milano profile has a steel core and coated with quality Italian stone chips for that outstanding finish. They are lightweight and so easy to install too. So are you looking to make a statement with your roofs? Contact us today to get a free quote on our Milano profile and enjoy a vibrant roof for a lifetime.