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Classic Profile

classic Profile

The classic profile is the best-seller in the country. This profile is available in a wide range of colors in natural earth tones and vibrant colors to suit different preferences. The classic profile can be used on a wide range of architectural designs for both modern and traditional homes and buildings. This is because it adds to any structure a timeless and elegant look that never goes out of fashion. You will always be in love with your home and the outcome will never get boring to your eyes.

The classic profile is easy to install and features a superior interlocking mechanism between the tiles that keeps the roof watertight. Have you seen a tile profile on a building or house around you that looks beautiful yet so seamless and simple? That is our classic profile Korean stone coated roofing tiles.

Our classic profile has a scalloped feature that is typical of the traditional clay tiles that were used in the Mediterranean region. If you want to install Korean stone coated roofing tiles but are unable to choose between the profiles available then just go with the classic. It is hard to go wrong with the classic profile regardless of the architectural style of your home. Our classic profile was made to take any worries off your plate.

Besides adding a timeless aesthetic appeal to your home the classic profile is weather resistant, light weight, fire resistant, storm resistant and noise resistant. Contact us today to add a roof that your house will be proud of.