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About Korean Roofing Tiles Kenya

We are one of the pioneers in Korean stone coated roofing tile supplies in the country and a market leader in the same. Our tiles are superior quality manufactured using state of the art Korean technology. We use high quality Italian raw materials and high quality steel. The manufacture process ensures that the stone chips properly adhere to the core for that high quality performing tile you have been looking for.

We are confident in our products and we are sure they are the perfect blend of quality for the best price. We believe that homeowners around the country deserve to have a quality roof that offers comfort and safety without having to break the bank for it. This is why our products although at par in quality with all the other players in the market are very well priced.

We offer a wide variety of products in terms of profiles, finish and colors meant to also meet different budgetary needs. Our styles can match any type of home, building or neighborhood you are building in. our tiles are strong and versatile. They are made to withstand the tropical weather climate in the country and stay vibrant and strong for decades on end.

Contact us today to get superior quality Korean stone coated roofing tiles with industry leading warranties to take away all of your worries.