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We are one of the pioneers in Korean roofing tiles in Kenya and a market leader in the same. Our stone coated roofing tiles are superior quality manufactured using state of the art Korean technology. We use high quality Italian raw materials and high quality Korean steel. The manufacture process ensures that the stone chips properly adhere to the core and our use of uv coating ensures fade free roofing tiles. For sales inquiries, contact us today. We are located along enterprise road near GM.

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Korean Roofing Tiles Kenya

One of the most important decisions you will have to make for any house or building construction project is the kind of roof to use. The most common roofs used in the Kenya include; iron sheets and clay tiles. Stone coated roofing tiles are slowly picking up pace and replacing these traditional roofing materials in many homes whilst also being used in new buildings.

The weather in the country is tropical and as such periodical changes between rain, sunshine and cold are expected throughout the year. These different weather elements can cause damage to different roofing materials. Iron sheets and metal roofing can rust because of the weather while clay tiles can crack due to temperature changes.

Korean stone coated roofing tiles are gradually increasing in popularity because they offer better performance than these and other traditional roofing materials. Furthermore, they are also quite affordable and offer outstanding value for your money. Read on to discover the superior features of Korean stone coated roofing tiles and the benefits these features bring to your investment.

Features of Korean Roofing Tiles

Here are some of the features of Korean roofing tiles that make them stand out from the rest of the roofing materials commonly used in Kenya;

  • Made using high quality steel core
  • Stone coated using quality Italian chips
  • Made using a state of the art manufacturing process to ensure quality
  • Made at just the right size
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Available in different profiles
  • Color is ingrained during the manufacture process
  • Light weight
  • Fire resistant
  • Resistant to rain, winds and storms

Benefits of Korean Roofing Tiles

What do these features mean for you when you decide to go with Korean stone coated roofing tiles? Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy;

Enhanced curb appeal – when you build your home, you want it to look the best for the longest time. Whether you are looking to attain a rustic look for holiday homes or you want an elegant and modern look for your town house, Korean stone coated roofing tiles are the way to go.

Since they have a natural appearance like clay tiles they complement stone and brick structures really well. Korean stone coated roofing tiles give your home or building that timeless look that never grows old or gets boring to your eyes.

Korean stone coated roofing tiles do not fade. If you take a look around you at buildings with iron sheet roofing, you will find that the paint might be peeling off or it has already come off and the sheets are rusting. You can avoid this by using our stone coated roofing tiles with ingrained color.

Outstanding durability and strength – the core of Korean roofing tiles is steel which gives them strength to withstand a lot of force. Further, the tiles are stone coated using Italian chips in a process that ensures adherence of the chips and the color for the superior quality panels. The stone chips do not erode off even with exposure to the weather elements.

Little to no maintenance required-unlike other roofing options that need you to schedule regular maintenance, Korean stone coated tiles perform exceptionally lasting your for over 50 years with little to no maintenance. Many homeowners want a roof they will install and forget about and this is exactly what you get with our tiles.

Easy to install – since they are lightweight and they are made in just the right size, Korean roofing tiles are really easy to install. You will not need to enhance the support of the frame using extra beams. Easy installation helps to keep the costs down and saves on time.

Best return on investment-when installing a roof you want one that will give you the best value for money. Imagine having a roof for over fifty years without any major repairs, replacement, or scheduled maintenance? Imagine having the roof of your house vibrant for decades on end? This is the value you get with Korean stone coated roofing tiles.

Fire resistant-unfortunately, disasters can happen. The only thing you can do is be prepared in the event that a disaster happens. Our stone coated roofing tiles are fire resistant and therefore do not spread fire which can protect your house when external fires send hot embers on your roof. Having a fire resistant roof can also keep premiums low in case you want to insure your investment.

Enhanced comfort – stone coated roofing tiles do not make noise when it is raining. It can be hard to sleep under a roof covered with iron sheets when it is raining heavily. Stone coated tiles do not make that noise. They are also resistant to heat transfer therefore they maintain an ideal temperature inside your house for enhanced comfort.

If you are looking to install a new roof or replace an old you should consider using our Korean stone coated roofing tiles.

Stone coated Korean roofing tiles profiles

Korean stone coated roofing tiles are available in the following profiles;

Classic profile- the classic profile is made to mimic the appearance of clay tiles in traditional houses. However this profile just like all the others in our portfolio is manufactured using ultramodern techniques that ensure a seamless, timeless and elegant look of your roof.

Shingle profile- when you want to get the modern look of asphalt shingles then you can go with our shingle profile. You can get the shingle profile not only in single colors but also as patterns that will give your roof that distinct and unique look you have been dreaming of and of course without spending a fortune.

Milano profile- crafted with edges and curves that make a strong statement, the Milano profile is for homeowners that want their roof to stand out. When installation is finished you will appreciate the flawless and seamless elegance that the Milano profile adds to your investment.

Shake profile- with the shake profile you can enjoy the look of a traditional wooden shake roof with the benefits of modern roofing materials like fire and weather resistance. You can get the shake profile in a wide range of colors including neutral hues that exactly mimic the appearance of wood.

Contact us today to learn more about Korean roofing tiles in Kenya and get a free personalized quote for your project.